Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beautiful bracelets, beautiful gifts, for beautiful "special "friends and loved ones.
If you are thinking what can I give that is different this year.
I have just the right gift.
A beautiful bracelet, one off design, not to be found in a Store.
I do not have a Shop anywhere yet,
just contact me via my Blog.
Am only too happy to post anywhere in Australia.
Slider Bracelets with/without Magnetic Clasp $55.00
Freeform Beaded Bracelet $88.00

Newest additions to my range of bracelets

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Welcome "Foxy Lady"

The newest addition to our family, our combined Christmas present, a puppy named Foxy Lady, shortened to Foxy. I know, not the most original name for a Fox Terrier/Cattle Dog cross, but it was the easiest to remember and spell.
Isn't she just adorable, she has the prettiest face. Very quite and alert,
obedient, I can't believe how good she is during the day, BUT at night - oh! boy! can she make a racket. I'm getting tips from everyone, does anyone out there have a sure fire method to help us through the night without all the whining and barking.
All in all, though she is just the cutest and I'm afraid already just a tad spoilt.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My photo

Finally loaded a photo onto my profile, but not happy with it. So if you follow my blog it will change as soon as I get my hands on a decent one.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday afternoon

Its Saturday afternoon, just come arrived back from voting again (the second time in about a month) - first it was for a new Federal MP, and this time to replace him as he was our State representative. I just received another couple of photos - my friend, Dean, takes the photos for me, I think he does an absolutely marvellous job. This time the first one has black crystals with gold casings; second is the most gorgeous mauvey pink with filigree silver inbetween; the third one has crystals set in a fine rolled gold setting, and the colour is fantastic; and last but not least, is one of my favourites - copper and greenish copper adorned with an abstract pattern. I forgot to mention, all the crystals are fine Austrian crystals and the clasps are "magnetic clasps" . Dean is taking some more photos for me, so will add them as they arrive. Look forward to any comments. Must go and do some "real" work like gardening.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Stylish - Black and Gold

I just love this Black and Gold enamel design - it's getting late and my brain is getting a little weary. The other bracelet again has the Antique Silver casings with White Austrian Crystals, faceted Lucite and Abalone Shell.
Oh and don't forget the magnetic clasps. Don't you just love these.
I have the biggest collection now for my own personal wear, just about one to match every colour in my wardrobe. They are all so different,
and the exciting thing about my range, is that they are unique, the fact is I don't repeat a design.
If you really love them, they are priced at a small $50.00 plus postage, which should be a minimal amount.
Too tired for any more, will log off now.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wow, I've finally managed to get a few good photos to show you a few of the bracelets in my range. This one has Antique Silver casings, with Turquoise enamel and Austrian Crystals making up the design. I'm quite excited to show off the rest of them.